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Lane turns any workplace into a place that works

Changing the way people interact with the places they work and the people they work with.

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Modernizing the new workforce

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Make your workplace make sense

Lane helps employees close the gap between the way it is and the way it should be.

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Think more about what and less about what if.

Map out your day and let Lane use logic and preferences to take care of booking, confirming, and communicating the details.


VIP treatment from the mailroom to the boardroom.

A technology driven assistant that isn’t just for executives. Lane makes sure you always have access to the buildings, perks, information, and tools you need to do your job.

Do less. Get more done.

Automate away your least favourite parts of your day. That means more productivity, and fewer interruptions from things like expenses, parking passes and guest check-ins.


A simple solution to complicated demands.

Lane makes it easy to build an adaptive workplace experience that gives employees everything they need and nothing they don’t.

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Make your workplace more engaging

Our modular technology is custom suited to your office, instantly allowing you to offer services, functionality, and software integrations that drive tenant and employee engagement.

One platform for everything and everyone that matters.

All the apps, information, and interfaces you need to run your entire portfolio in one place. Lane lets you build and access your apps, software, services, and amenities on a single platform.

Automate, communicate, and track it all.

Do more of what matters and automate away what doesn’t. Use analytics to optimize your office by tracking what services and amenities drive the most value.

Over 300 million square feet of real estate around the world has already entered the future of workplace technology.




engagement in existing building activities


increased reach of employee communication


ROI from improved productivity

Lane is at the forefront of bringing the smart workplace of tomorrow to the office complexes of today.  Since adopting the myBrookfield App at First Canadian Place and Exchange Tower our tenant engagement has reached unprecedented new levels and our retailers have gained valuable exposure to local customers.

Jamie Harkins

Manager, Marketing & Events — Brookfield

The Lane platform connects us with our tenants in a convenient and innovative way, and connects our tenants with each other to strengthen the sense of community within the Hullmark portfolio. In addition to providing enhanced brand exposure for our company, the platform has also inspired innovation and creative new ways to enhance the tenant experience at our buildings.

Karen Walker

Director, Property Management — Hullmark

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