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Change the way the world works.

Join a team of diverse problem solvers making a lasting impact in an emerging industry.

Lane is leading the growth of one of the most exciting emerging technology industries.

Our technology is changing how workplaces work across the world. We’re looking for people who are excited about the problems involved in doing that.

We’re building a team of people who want to invent solutions for tomorrow where there aren’t any today, and who understand how to make scalable technology that works as well in New York as it does in New Delhi.

Industry leaders

Working at Lane means working at the frontier of workplace technology. We’ve been leading the charge in shifting the way we interact with our workplaces since 2015.


We invest in people

We understand that investing in technology also means investing in the ongoing development of our problem solving talent. That’s why we’re creating a team that will be equally equipped to solve the problems of tomorrow as they are to solve the problems of today.


Celebrating diversity

In an emerging industry like ours there are no veterans. That means our team is, and will always be, built from the best talent from across a wide variety of professional, geographical, and personal backgrounds.

“One of the most fulfilling parts of working at Lane is knowing that the technology we work on dramatically improves the lives of people just like us.”

Nimra Alam, Product Manager

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