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What We Do

How does Lane work?

Lane connects the fragmented workplace ecosystem. Our mobile app allows tenants to access core building functions, amenities, shared services, and participate in exclusive perks programs.

Who uses Lane?

Lane is a SaaS platform that works for everyone in the office building. From Landlords & Owners to Property Managers and Employees. Our Portal allows Landlords and Property Managers to quickly extract valuable insights on the utilization of their building. Employees use Lane as the one-stop shop for everything that happens in their building, from Perks to the tenant handbook.

What if I can’t find my building/company?

We’re working hard to build a connected workplace community and its important to us that your workplace is part of that community. If you can’t find your company, let us know.

What is tenant engagement and why is it important?

The workplace landscape has changed and tenants are looking for the optimal experience from their workplace. That includes modern amenities, timely communication, exclusive perks, community information and much more. Lane connects all individuals, processes and technologies that make your workplace work and provides a single seamless platform for your tenants. Allowing your tenants to connect with your workplace in this meaningful way is at the heart of tenant engagement.


Getting Started

What are the benefits of signing up?

By joining your workplace community on Lane, you’ll have instant access to timely important information from your building and community, promotions from local retailers and services, your building’s services and amenities, a place to add your feedback to improve your workplace experience and much, much more.

Is Lane difficult to install and update?

Lane is a web-based platform and mobile app. For your tenants, it’s as simple as downloading the app and signing up! Building teams manage Lane via an intuitive, easy-to-use web portal. Managing your workplace community is a matter of visiting our website and logging in. Lane does not need to be installed at your office and does not take any complex configuration on your end. Both the mobile and web portals are updated automatically, with zero downtime.

Does using Lane create additional work for property teams?

Our team of experts work with you every step of the way to ensure your property or portfolio are integrated seamlessly into Lane. We will provide expert tailored recommendations and assistance with adding all relevant information and services to the platform, what information your tenants want to see and events/programs your tenants will love.

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